Laguna CBD has done a collaboration with SaniDigit USA.  For a limited time we are including these "clean tools" with every CBD Oil purchase.  Plus, if you refer a freind to our site and they order any Laguna CBD Oil, send us an email and we will include an extra free SaniDigit with your next order.


The Sani Digit tool is your new best friend.  It's perfect for keeping your hands clean and sanitary during everyday life.

  • Avoid touching public touchscreens like store checkouts

  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to open doors, press buttons & pull levers

  • Antimicrobial Brass kills 99% of bacteria

  • Reduce point-of-contact area by over 99%


Laguna CBD loves a clean ocean as much as we love clean hands and clean living.  This is a limited time product.  We promise you will love having one on your keychain or in your purse.

SaniDigit clean tool

$14.95 Regular Price
$6.95Sale Price

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